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41st Idrija Lace Festival


June 16, 2023 ob 4:00 pm
July 18, 2023 ob 7:00 pm



You are kindly invited to one of the largest ethnological festivals in Slovenia!

Experience the (r)evolution of Idrija lace at the 41st annual Idrija Lace Festival. This year’s event will focus on the evolution of this centuries-old art form, with exhibits and demonstrations

In addition to the 20th anniversary of the Association of Lacemakers of Idrija, the festival will highlight the cooperation of the Lacemaking School of Idrija with the Rebekah Lucijana Berčič Institute for Sericulture and Silkmaking. Namely, we will bring silkworms to Idrija and demonstrate the entire process of silkworm development – unwinding of silk cocoons and production of silk threads, which can be equated with the development or creation of Idrija lace. From cocoon to silk and from idea to bobbin Idrija lace.

The cover photo of the 41st Idrija lace festival, which will be held under the slogan ®evolution, was designed by Tina Koder Grajzar from Idrija who has been working as an independent artist in culture and in the field of lacemaking since 2006.

The slogan of the festival, in addition to the (r)evolution in the field of Idrija lace, also reflects the love we have for bobbing in Idrija and beyond. The cover photo shows the entire process of creating Idrija lace, which begins as an embryo or an idea, which the creator then puts on paper, on the basis of which the lace is made.

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