Giacomo Puccini: LA BOHÈME, concert version

Location & Date
08.08.2024 20:30 - 08.08.2024 22:30

Festival Ljubljana


Giacomo Puccini is considered the greatest Italian opera composer after Giuseppe Verdi. In 1895 he completed his fourth opera, La bohème,  a masterpiece of atmospheric tone-painting. The story is set in Paris in around 1830 and shows the bohemian lifestyle of a poor seamstress and her artist friends, before arriving at its tragic culmination. The depiction of the milieu inhabited by the penniless artists is entirely at the service of the unfolding melodrama, while any implied social criticism is relegated to the background. The concert performance of the opera will be conducted by George Pehlivanian, who studied with Pierre Boulez, Lorin Maazel and Ferdinand Leitner. He returns to the summer festival stage after ten years, having been a regular guest between 2004 and 2014. In 2020 he founded the Pehlivanian Opera Academy, which offers singers and conductors an excellent opportunity to hone their skills in the context of an opera production. By fostering mutual collaboration, the Academy aims to equip artists for a balanced career in the world of opera while also offering numerous opportunities for touring. Pehlivanian will relinquish the conductor’s podium to young conductors during the performance, while the singers will also exchange roles among themselves.

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