The Path of Wire

Kraj in datum

4 maja 2023 - 6 maja 2023
00:00 - 23:59


Spletna stran

On an annual trek, numerous recreational enthusiasts of all ages walk around Ljubljana on the 35-kilometer Path of Wire. For those seeking a more challenging recreation, there is the Triple Run on courses of 29, 12.5, and 3 kilometers (for children). The trek and run conclude with an event in the center of Ljubljana.

The Path of Wire is a unique cultural monument. A well-maintained sandy pedestrian and recreational path surrounds the entire city, running through the area where barbed wire surrounded the city during World War II since 1942. The 35-kilometer trek will lead participants along various courses.

As every year, it will be possible to start the trek from various starting points in all parts of Ljubljana.

More information and registration for the Triple Run will be available on the organizer’s website.

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