Startup Slovenia: TAIA

taia translation startup

Fast and efficient translation services for your business

TAIA is a modern web platform, using the latest translation technology, that helps companies translate their content more efficiently. Easily order professional translation services or even translate yourself, all in one secure platform, faster than ever before.

Choose your translation service

1. Professional translation services: Don’t have the time or skills? Trust your translation needs to the best qualified translators and freelancers in our ever growing network of professionals.

2. Machine translation for your files: Download your files – instantly translated with a top of the line Neural Machine Translation – and with intact formatting.

3. Translate yourself with TAIAcat: Empower your team with a professional grade translation CAT tool with advanced automation and A.I. assistance – for a fraction of the price.

TAIA – translation platform

TAIA is a service platform that offers high-quality business translations with a self-developed automated system from quotation to translation delivery. In the background, TAIA is an advanced A.I. machine translation system.

TAIA offers a variety of services for all types of translation needs and is a pioneer in Machine translation as a service with the bestseller MT + light review. One of new and wanted features is also a DIY (do it yourself) where companies solve all their translation needs internally without the need for translation agencies.

TAIA already received a Seed investment from Alpvent GmbH and is now in search for a series A investment.

TAIA team


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