The Welcoming of Spring in Trnovo

Gregorjevo is a Slavic version of the Valentine’s Day, which is linked to an old folk custom announcing that birds are getting married and spring is coming.

The Welcoming of Spring is one of the most beautiful traditional events. It is especially intended for families with children. A day before Gregorjevo (St. Gregory’s Day) children send off candle-lit wooden miniature boats downstream and thus observe an old custom of welcoming spring. In light of the event the city of Ljubljana organizes two creative workshops from 5 pm to 8 pm where children can create their own miniature boats with the help of experts. The boats will then be tested in the Gradaščica river near Eipprova ulica in the Trnovo area.

The creative workshops will take place in the Botanical Garden and in the Slovene Ethnographic Musem. Workshops are suitable for children from the age of 5 and adults. Younger children must be accompanied by their parents.



Mar 11 2023


12:00 pm

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