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Friday, February 28, 2020


TOP Slovenian seaside marathon

The Istrian marathon is the run with the sea view. More than half of the course runs by...

TOP Running Events in Slovenia 2020

Slovenians love to run and every year there are more and more people who take up running as a form of exercise....

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BREAKING NEWS: A meteor has exploded between Slovenia and Croatia

A meteor has most likely exploded in the sky between Slovenia and Croatia. Photos circulated around the web, which show a meteor...

New Michelin Starred Restaurants in Croatia

The Michelin Guide just unveiled the new selection for the fourth edition of the MICHELIN Guide Croatia 2020.

What does Igor Jagodic think about the Michelin Guide?

Igor Jagodic - recognized as one of the top chefs in Slovenia, he has received numerous awards for his dedication and love...

TOP 10 Facts about Slovenians

Slovenians are an interesting nation. Before you travel to Slovenia or decide to take a trip to our country in the heart...